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Likewise, my Bachelor’s degree represented a total GPA of 3.13. with a major in Computer Engineering. Pior diplomas and associate’s degrees were earned in Computer Networking Techniques and Mechanical Technology. with respective GPAs in excess of 3.7. As can be noted from this cursory examination of prior scholarship,

my interests in this field have not come to me recently. instead, they have been the result of a lifelong interest in science and technology. as well as an overarching interest in how efficiency can be achieved and greater usefulness represented to broader humanity from existing and newly developed technologies.

As I am currently within my very last semester of my Master’s program, I am only taking one course at the current time. ECE602. As such, with all of my available free time devoted towards achieving the highest grades possible within this particular course, I am confident that my GPA will increase from the point that has been listed currently.

A further rational for seeking to apply for this Ph.D. program is contingent upon the fact that I have a great deal of familiarity working with Professor Chien. an individual who has proved instrumental in guiding me throughout my graduate work thus far. Upon asking him as to whether or not he would work with me as a potential graduate student, Professor Chien readily agreed. This is partially due to the fact that I have had a long working relationship with him over the course of ECE471, ECE487, and ECE488. all of which I served as a TA for him. Furthermore, my working relationship with Professor Chien extends beyond merely working as a TA. as last summer Professor Chien inquired as to my availability for TASI (Transportation Active Safety Institute). While working on this project, I worked closely with both Professor Chien and stakeholders within Toyota as we worked to develop a car safety project that utilized distance sensors as a means of effecting safety

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