Hi, need to submit a 500 words essay on the topic Crafting and Executing Strategy Apple Inc. in 2008.

The company believes in creating better and more innovative devices in every subsequent product they launch. This has this far worked to their advantage revamping their sales year after year.

After releasing the first version of iPhone in mid-2007, the company under the watch of its chief executes Steve Jobs watched as the product struggled to keep pace with the other leading mobile devices in the market. The product eventually sold a million copies in close to three months. Being the preliminary product, the first iPhone served its purpose effectively by pointing out the specific features about the smart phone market that the company might not have considered before unveiling the product. It is therefore from this that the company learnt to revamp innovation in their subsequent product.

Innovation refers to the process of altering a product in order to create a newer product possibly from an existing one. The iPhone 3G succeeded the first iPhone and level of innovation in the new product became evident even in the name of the device. This product promised faster performance with download speed unique to the smart telephony market. Besides the faster processor, the phone had new better performing application intentionally added into the product to win new markets within the previously existing market (Thompson, 2011). It was therefore not surprising that within three days the phone had outsold the figures it took its predecessor three months. The innovative brand-positioning tool worked effectively for the company with the new applications increasing the sales despite the obvious performance flaws.

Innovation is a marketing strategy that if used effectively alongside other marketing techniques yields results as was the case with the Apple Inc. in 2008. It is important for business organizations to carry out expansive market research in order to determine the new features. It is more prudent for the new features to have an inclination towards

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