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The movements are put into “bits” just the same way we communicate through language. The whole dance art is a creative process in which life experience plays a critical role.

The feelings of the audience and the aesthetic responses are what choreographers tend to be so sensitive. The process of creativity within the context of dancing is a showcase of a sense of personal growth and discovery,

that is, the discovery because of sub-conscious.

America grew up with dance. The American dance continues to be a barometer of life among the Americans. However, it from the streets to the stage, dance in America was capturing everyday gestures, cultural retentions, social dances, spiritual principles, and socio-political issues. These sources incorporation with the spirit of risk-taking, persistence, exploration, and independence have been the benchmark through the formation of what we today known as the American modern dance.

The American modern dance has emerged into diverse movement vocabularies, social and cultural concerns, and individual choreographic impulses- the American modern dance is an irreplaceable national treasure and touchstone.

Since the inception of the American modern dance, it has been a cultural mainstay at home and a crucial ambassador of American culture abroad. The development of the genre of dance has been through a chain of succession as different generations build on the work of, or rather rebel against, their mentors, creating a lineage marked with innovation and also radicalism. The definition of modern dance cannot be neatly reached to, but as the history tells, it is not a style parse but a continually evolving pursuit to share and discover the expressive potential of human movement.

For the choreographers who practice this contemporary dance genre use unique movements, innovate, techniques, shapes, and gestures to suit the dynamics in the intentions of modern dance. Modern at times incorporates the theatrical texts and

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