Need an argumentative essay on To what extent do religious teachings impact upon attitudes towards sustainability in both production and consumption. Needs to be 12 pages. Please no plagiarism.

This is in the specific aspects in the society such as the business and commerce. Such view is due to the fact that any field acts and works on the basis of accepted norms perceived as values. The main objective of the study conducted a focus on the effects of religious teachings and practices in the commencement and operation of business and industrial world.

Values are largely related to ethics, an acceptable set of actions often perceived through morality. This can often be measured through a virtue of positive projection. Business ethics are measures of perceived guidelines of application and course of action in the local and international business arena (Megone and Robinson, 2002).

There are certain general concepts that can be considered essential. One of the important considerations in the study of business ethics is in relation to the religious practices that can affect the commencement and the values in business. The relationship of values and the operation of business and any aspect of commerce had developed to be one of the most important factors in the field.

These values can be considered as included in the outer factors that serve as the major affective factors, which are referred to as the moral constraints in the operation of the business. These can be considered as the main factors that set up the standards in the operation of the system in relation to ethics (Megone and Robinson, 2002). In the given perspective the understanding of the conception of values as applied in the business is essential.

The concept of values experienced an evolution through the course of history. This can be considered as an important development due to the fact that it is now recognized as one influential component in the field of economics. Though the concept was recognized to be a key factor in the commencement of business operation including the

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