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Second reason is the promotion the company has in football clubs which is my favorite game and lastly is the attracting advertising criteria for the different brand it manufactures on television. The company uses large volumes investment styles in the market to cope up with the giant competitors. Its objectives are subjected towards growth, value, and quality index-oriented brand approaches. Despite the company facing the macroeconomics competition challenges it is able to attractively invest and market its brand globally. The X&Y company objectives and strategy are based on long-term capital growth and best quality of non-alcoholic brand known as teens. (Allen, 2009).

The strength of this company is openly found on aspects such as. the employees are able to enjoy the services provided by the company as well as the allowances. This hence has great significant on efficient output and the quality of the brand. Employees benefit from the job security thus easing supervision and management control. The product of X&Y Company is loaded with romanticizing image which is attractive to many people. It is probably enjoyed in the world with an average of 500 million people per day. On global scales, the company is able to market its brand in large volumes and therefore making cash inflows in its equity. The consumer purchasing power is increasing by 5% worldly though faced with giant competitors like coco cola.

Market trend information is another aspect. The company has developed a quality information online desk to enhance financial information sharing and market forces effects. X&Y Company is a debt-free, with ample liquidity. The cash and supported portfolio investment holdings amounting nearly $ 5.8 billion by year 2014. Although it suffers heavy outflows in advertising and promotion, it remains strong on earnings and revenue results. The company is characterized to the increased profitability to its branches in various countries and

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