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The world health organization defined health it stated as a form of complete mental, physical and social well-being, .this does not focus on the absence of a disease. The statement means that, for one to be healthy, they must be stable in all aspects of human life. On the other hand, diet, needs to be balanced and focus on all classifications of carbohydrates,

vitamins, proteins and mineral salts. The fact that people living in the United States have acquired an expensive lifestyle(““The Globalization of Eating Disorders, 2015).

It becomes hard for them to purchase a balanced diet food and thus go for fast foods that lack proper prescriptions on the right amounts of calories they contain. These leave them predisposed to diabetes and other heart conditions (“Food For Thought.2015).

In support of these diseases, the government has been in the forefront because it imposes such policies that promote unhealthy lifestyles. As a start, restaurants sell foods that tend to bypass investigations on the amounts of calories eaten daily by individuals. The government has not taken it upon its responsibility to enact policies that look into such matters. The Food and Drug Administration policies, on the other hand, have gotten solaced on the issue of healthy eating habits, and the systems are weak to authorize and cut out such patterns from the society. In support of these, the government is the overall lawmaker. It has made health become a social issue instead of allowing people deal with it in personal ways.

The fact that the proposal wishes to conduct a cross-sectional study to find out if the fast food companies do label their food packages, the research will also target the consumers of fast food, to find out what is their personal responsibility in ensuring that they choose the foods wisely. Through this, they avoid eating more or fewer calories that may pose a hazard to their health. This research will be relevant since the findings will help to inform

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