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The Chinese cultural Heritage day is one of the proofs that portray the seriousness in culture.

The Chinese painting is one of the most treasured artifacts in a Chinese museum. Chinese culture has many ways of relaying information. Stories in the ancient Chinese culture were written in form of drawings. The Chinese way of appreciating a painting is expressed by the words du hua which means read a painting (Colson. 13). The Chinese art in a painting is not only meant to create an appealing view but also to pass a message that can be read to the public and bring a sensation or drive out an intended message. A Chinese painting is made of calligraphy, brush and ink.

A visit to the Penn museum creates moments of learning and new discoveries in the history and tradition of the Chinese society. One of the most sensational paintings is the Night-Shining White by Han Gan painted in 1977. Its original design was a foot square in size but has been modified over time and is currently mounted as a handscroll which is 20 feet long. The painting is also known as “Great age of Chinese landscape”. Han Gan was highly regarded for his artistic influence in the Chinese culture. The painting presents the Chinese landscape and presents a message describing how the Chinese land has a beautiful outward view and the creativity in the Chinese art as the caption is has been used to design some of the houses in western China.

The dragon paintings are other famous piece of art in the Chinese museum. The great red dragon painting is one of the famous paintings in the dragon paintings’ gallery. It is painted by an English and poet and writer William Blake. The great red dragon painting was designed to illustrate the books of the bible. However the painting is not famous in the Chinese culture because of the religious concept that it portrays (Hearn. 52). The red dragon painting has featured in most of the famous television series such as the ‘sleepy hollow’ and the

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