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His stature in the society declines and is depicted in the most pitiable and distressing condition. This condition stirs a commotion of thoughts not only to his fellow men in the society but also within himself, the sufferer. In a literary piece, this marks the beginning of his demise but yet he still clings to God for providence.

All these are well illustrated in the book by the powerful employment of imagery and other stylistic devices (Green 53).

William Green assets that we must at all times humble ourselves and should be quick to listen and become obedient. Divine revelation to human beings provides more sparkling thoughts and ideas in addition to the nature’s diversity provisions. Green quickly sets the record straight by refuting to the claim that Job was not a real man but only a historical figure. Godliness takes centre stage in this chapter as Green shows in his book. Despite the calamities that Job was facing, he remained steadfast in his walk with the Lord. Job faces crisis in three major areas in his life including loss of possessions, his health and children. This was attest of faith by God who permits Satan to do all these things to Job. Job’s wife losses faith in the Lord not bearing in mind that it is the Lord testing his faith. However, it is at this point that Job reminds his wife that it is good to accept adversity considering the good past they had initially. It is at this point that Green alludes to the fact that goodness and happiness are strongly interrelated and functions dependently. Job is shown to be a priest in his own house and therefore, there seems to be an omission in the religious views. Apparently, it is expected that in order to qualify as a priest in the house of the Lord, one needs to be consecrated of which Job did not undergo (Green 74).

Job soon begins to complain of the persisting afflictions and his God-fearing colleagues comfort him for the troubles. Despite the solace he gets from his friends,

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