Create a 4 page essay paper that discusses Characteristics of Effective Nurse Leaders.

They assist and support frontline nurses in the clinical setting. Among the qualities of an exemplary nurse leader possesses include a passion for nursing, optimistic, can form personal connections with the general staff, has an excellent mentorship skill, a role model and has the ability in crisis management based on a set of moral principles.

An exceptional nurse leader is passionate in conducting his or her duties and optimistic about the ability of the nurses under their charge. They entrust the nurses under their charge with circumstances that arise however complicated it can be, under their close supervision and are ready to give a hand. Leaders possess excellent communication and interpersonal relationship skills enhancing their interaction with their nursing coworkers. this enables them to understand and share openly and freely with the nurses under their charge. The nurse leader has a strong ability, superior knowledge, and expertise in crisis management. They are very tranquil in all situations and are good decision makers.

Efficient and reliable leadership can promote and satisfy productive work in any professional field. In the nursing profession, nurses needs to work in an active environment defined by peace and goodwill. The most useful characteristics of a quality nurse leader include passion, teamwork, integrity, and ability to manage crises.

Passion entails strong sense of enthusiasm towards a given task. Passion compels the feeling of love towards the nursing profession. An exemplary nurse displays passion during times of turbulence. A passionate nurse would accommodate the distress that relates with the profession. It is notable that nurses who have no passion would quit once the profession demands more services from them.

Passionate nurses have good relations with colleagues and workmates. They have the potential of ensuring the wellbeing of workmates and the patients as aforementioned. Such archetypal nurses develop a working

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