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While the US initially supported the people of the South’s vote for full independence in 2011, the continuing economic depreciation and ethnic violence is becoming a high point of concern. Civilian deaths and instability continue to be a prominent feature of the Sudanese landscape. the US the State Department and the National Security Council need to be concerned with collecting timely and relevant information about the volatile region to make responsive military decisions if needed.

Intelligence management for any scenario needs to start with the proper determination of the data requirement and purpose of collection. Unless these perimeters are not decided from the start the intelligence collection process can be led astray because of the variety of sources available and chances of unsystematic data collection. The intelligence networks have to be developed efficiently to minimize the investment of resources in order to gather the maximum amount of relevant and actionable information. The process must include the following steps:

It is advised that Literal Intelligence techniques may be utilized for the collection plan. as the situation in Sudan is still critical but the humanist nature of the conflicts taking place, means that analysis that provide “access to human thought processes” (Clark, 2013). Literal information is collection on the form of communication that is used every day and can be easily understood my non-experts, further more it can be easily substantiated from public sources of information allowing a more convenient format for data collection. It is suggested that the US intelligence plan on Sudan should comprise of two stages of data collection, which would provide effect and efficient access to relevant data as needed at this point:

Open-source intelligence&nbsp.(OSINT) is wholly collected from publicly available sources. These overt mediums of information exchange are becoming increasingly efficient as the world wide web and advanced

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