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er media, corporations that interact with the leagues and teams, and communities that construct facilities and support local clubs as the main customers of the professional leagues (Mason 406-407). The author further observed that customers manifest their interest on the professional leagues for distinct reasons. However, the author establishes the fact that the marketing of this product harbors many problems. Indeed, it is clear that marketing problems arise when each customer seeks suitable marketing opportunities in conflict with other parties. Problems relating the marketing of the league arise for example in problematic relationship existing between sport, television, and sponsorship emanating from corporate involvement. In addition, financial disparities between clubs in the same league is a problem that affects the marketing of the league where rich teams gain a competitive advantage thus leading to uncertain results and thus hardships in maintaining the customer base (Mason 413-414). Subject to these marketing problems, the author recommends further research and analysis on this topic.

The paper made significant contributions in that it was able to denote the business entity of the sport, highlight and discuss the main parties to a professional league, and consequently establish the possible major problems in marketing the professional leagues. The input on the distinct reasons that give various parties interest in the league was significant in addressing the research question. However, the paper falls short in providing tangible solutions to the marketing problems in a professional league. As such, the paper only recommends further analysis and research, which is not a substantial contribution to the research question. The paper seemingly forgot about the satisfaction that the league accords various parties and the need to derive value from any league. More so, the paper forgot to include the rules governing professional leagues.

Mason, David. What is

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