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The backbone of an organization is its clients or customers because of the mutual independence and this forces the organization to strive to meet and exceed the customer expectations. Customers will stick to an organization that upgrade its services and develops new products that are genuine.

A leader should always ensure that there is unity and purpose for the internal environment of the organization that he or she guides. Leaders must be people whose intelligence quotient is very steady and high in order to make wise decisions. This means that a leader should clear visualize the mission and vision of the organization in the future (Robbins & Coulter, 2012). Leaders should develop a participative environment through the formation of partnerships. Other important principles that a leader should consider are encouraging innovation, change and operating in a secure environment.

Individuals at all points are the core of the firm and their proper participation makes their ideas to be an important factor for the firm’s benefits. Workers will also perform perfectly in their areas of specialization when the appropriate work tools are available. Goals set for the employees must be realistic and empowerment of the various cultures of employees should be empowered and this will facilitate the idea of group work (Robbins & Coulter, 2012).

Processes in an organization should satisfy customer needs. If they don’t then they are not the required processes. Processes are always flowing and focus on creating the appropriate methods for converting products into finished goods and services.

Effectiveness and efficiency of an organization is done through identifying, understanding, and managing a system of interrelated process to a given objective. Since a system is identifying all interrelated processes and their interdependence then they should be properly managed.

There are three factors to consider in order for

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