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However, there are a number ways in which people organize themselves in different social groups in the society. Among these factors, include the cultural background of the people, race, gender, the social status and level of education. While the society aligns itself along these characteristics, the reality is that these have considerable effects on the kind of social groupings they engage in. Different social groups, because they have a goal and an aim, these goals and objectives guide the actions and focus of these groups. High schools define the intermediary school levels, before the college education. Friends describe a person whom one knows, and with whom he/she has a bond of mutual affection, especially through sexual or family relations. Alienation on the other hand is the tendency of a group of people to treat another group as inferior because it does not belong to the major group in the society.

Different factors influence the number of friends that an individual has in a particular social economic context. In high school, there are a number of factors that influence the kind of friends and the number of friends that one has. Among these factors include the culture of the people, the race, the gender of the people, and nationality determines the type and number of friends one has. These factors affect the type of social groupings that high school students engage in. In this question, I will be measuring the differences in the chances a student has in engaging in social groupings.

Sociologically, different factors influence the kind of friends that one has in the society. Because I intended to measure the differences in the number of friends that one has in high school or Berkeley, I sought to establish the differences in the number of friends that a person had in the society. According to this research, there is a high likelihood of Latinos having higher numbers of non-Latino friends in Berkeley than in

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