Write 2 page essay on the topic Should People Be Able To Vote Online.

the main reason due to which promoters of online voting are favoring the system is that they believe that such a voting system will increase the participation of the youth which forms the majority of the population throughout the world and are even the majority in the case of internet users. Online voting may increase the participation of the youth but may result in a digital divide.

This means that only those individuals will be able to case votes online that have access to internet while those who do not have access to this resource will be left behind. Due to this the outcome of the elections will be favoring a few and will become a disadvantage for others. According to Cavanagh, during the period of 2003 a total of only 30% of those individuals who belonged to families earning less than $25k per year had internet access, while more than 90% of those who belonged to families that earned more than $100k had internet access (Cavanagh, 2007, p.65). This means that online voting will benefit only those who belong to higher income earning families.

Another reason due to which people are in favor of internet voting is that it is inexpensive as it does not require the government to print ballot papers and hire individuals for the voting process. Government might be able to save money by implementing online voting but at the same time government expenditure will rise as the government will have to spend money on first developing such a system, they will have to spend money on educating people about the system and helping them understand the system. Chapman states that educating the public about the electronic voting system will alone cost £9million (Chapman, 2011). This is just the cost of educating people, there are various other monetary costs associated with creating and adopting online voting system.

The third reason for supporting online voting system is that it will provide accurate results. it can never be appropriate to suggest that online voting system will

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