Need an argumentative essay on Global Geopolitics of the Middle East. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Overall, the global economy continues to depend on the Middle East. This area also influenced America, as well as other world regions. On the other hand, the current international relations continue to be shaped by the factor of oil the Middle East. The key players in these relations, with regard to oil, are the US and UK. In the past, UK as an external player in the politics of the Middle East imposed its policies on the area, in relation to the state system formation in the past. Today, the aspect of diplomacy in the Middle East has been highly influenced by oil. Oil today has become a political tool, and not an objective. For instance, the USA put a ban on trade with Libya and Iran, while the UN banned Iraq. Unfortunately, these countries have hardened their access to oil in the region, because their priority is in politics.

The current geopolitics in the Middle East has all along revolved around oil. More than half of the world’s energy supply comes from the Middle East, with the Persian Gulf holding vast oil wells. The reason behind the world bestowing much importance to the Middle East is the fact that, the global economy cannot survive without oil, which the Middle East produces in plenty. Different countries, especially the current and former super powers and imperialists such as the USA and UK, have developed great interest in the Middle East. The discovery of oil in the Middle East also enhanced its strategic positioning, as it lies in the center of three different continents. With this, it is in a position to control important links in the global system of transportation.

The global significance of the Middle East emanates from the fact that the area is the world’s greatest producer of oil. Oil and other oil-related interests have in return influenced the political and social economy of the Middle East, both at the local and international level. Most people consider oil as a political product, since it is the main

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