Write 1 page essay on the topic Comparison of Theoretical Approaches.

e the essential differences between the four approaches to global governance as depicted in both Chapter 3 and Chapter 4 of Kelly-Kate Pease’s book International Organizations.

With all honesty, Realism focuses on the security of countries and power above everything else. Realism, with an objective of enhancing conflict resolutions,

establishes an international system that would guarantee maximum security for every country that cooperates with another one. At the same time, any country that declares war should do so based on self-interest, as opposed to idealism. To promote a given society, individuals should learn the policies that govern the behavior of such a society. In this case, Realism should also enhance policies that would mold rational theory that promote objective laws in a given country. Realism exists to monitor the behavior of given countries, interpret the power of countries, and coordinate the principles of the international system.

Moreover, Liberalism acts as a mainstream approach that promotes the behavior of country by focusing on its preferences, as opposed to its capabilities. In this case, Liberalism paves a way for the plurality of a country’s actions in the international system. However, such preferences may vary from country to country due to some difference in economic conditions, environmental factors, and nature of governments. Pease (2006, p59) states that Liberalism abolishes anarchic international system by promoting a variety of opportunities for cooperating and other levels of power. Surely, the theory enhances peace between international organizations through organizational interdependence and cooperation.

Besides, Marxism rarely focuses on material and economic aspects of the international system. Instead, the theory describes the international system as coordinated capitalist system with an objective of accumulating capital. Believers of the theory suggest that globalized capitalism enriches organizations in developed

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