Write 3 page essay on the topic PhD MGMT Research Skills: Journaling Experience Reflection Analysis.

t of expressing thoughts on paper facilitates a researcher’s reflection process in expanding the ideas so that the research can be developed further and more conclusions can be drawn from it. Confirming this assertion, Jasper (2005) offers a more detailed account stating, “reflective writing is, by its very nature ….written in the first person and is essentially subjective [and is connected] to the experiences and perceptions of the author” (Jasper, 2005, p. 250). Journal writing develops a variety of research oriented skills in a researcher that include but are not limited to critical thinking, creativity, and analysis. The researcher gets in a position of facilitating new understanding in the process of perceiving information and transforming it into writing. The experience of the researcher is represented first-hand and the process lends meaning to the research interpreted as “understanding and learning about practice” (Jasper, 2005, p. 248). The act of reflection provides the researcher with evidence as well as experience. However, researchers need to take precautions and establish limits on their indulgence with the information while writing journals. some of the risks posed by journal writing include lack of objectivity and a possibility of self’s over-indulgence in the embellishment of the recorded experiences. Denzin (1994) calls this “the interpretive crisis” (Denzin, 1994, p. 501) in qualitative research. In order to record maximum concerns, it is imperative that a researcher reflects on a variety of research process’s aspects while documenting the research journal.

While journal writing polishes research skills for all sorts of research methods, the importance of journal writing especially for a qualitative researcher cannot be overemphasized. Journal writing helps a qualitative researcher assess the usefulness of each method of data collection i.e. focus groups, face-to-face interviews, and online discussions etcetera and informs

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