Write 6 page essay on the topic Information Technology Management.

that it prepares me to become well grounded in the organizations fundamental theory, making of decisions, becoming a leader in the organization and learning the ropes of team work. By learning Information Systems, one becomes well versed with current research methods and new information technologies that are emerging (Turban & Wood, 2013). As globalization sets in, IS prepares you for the emerging opportunities in software systems industry in any part of the world. It is quite interesting since it exposes one to world cultures and available opportunities for growth through communications between different cultures, global development systems and languages. Information Technology Management equips one with relevant knowledge for the development of creative and effective solutions of IT based on an absolute understanding of business opportunities and challenges. ITM prepares one to have a strong technical foundation in new approaches to information systems development which is inclusive of planning, analyzing, designing and programming (Turban et al, 2006).

My career objective is Information technology Manager. ITM will prepare me to manage a network of people working in systems development, provide maintenance for major applications and implementing them.

Information technology managers as well as information systems managers are in charge of secure and effective computer systems operations, software and hardware and applications used in both private and public organizations (Standing and Jackson, 2008). No organization can run effectively with the absence of such professionals since their skills and competencies are an integral part of every organization despite of the size or area of specialization. They are useful in an organization since they are responsible for:

The role of an IT manager in the banking sector and that of the healthcare industry has both similarities and disparities. In the banking sector an IT manager is comes across different challenges

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