Write a 4 page essay on New technology development in the primary sector.

oned activities, the packaging and processing of raw materials associated with these sectors is also considered to be a component of the primary sector. In developed and developing nations, a decreasing percentage of workers are employed in the primary sector either directly or indirectly. For instance, around 30% of the U.S labor force is involved in primary sector activity at the moment, compared to more than two-thirds in the mid-19th century.

Without even knowing it, everybody comes into contact with the products of the primary sector every day. From the food we eat for breakfast, to the train we take to work, each and every part of our day contains things made from products of the primary sector (Peng 2009, pg. 12). Apart from extracting and processing raw materials, the primary sector is also involved in the creation of the basic materials for use in other sectors. For instance, growing and harvesting cotton which can then be turned into clothes which we wear every day, or bags for carrying luggage from the market, or when travelling. In summary, the primary sector produces goods which we cannot do without. Goods which we need to survive and operate, hence the “primary” part of its name.

The terms research and development (R&D) and their synonyms are usually used co-terminously when referring to them in many contexts, and almost as interchangeable terms in some contexts. Terms applied in such close proximity to each other deserve a closer semantic analysis and should also attract interrogation from professional subjects involved with regard to not just their relationship to each other, but also their individual value to several contexts in regard to the quality of evidence that each offers. Research is the first step in new technology development. It starts with a problem and collects, records and tests data to develop a remedy. On the other hand, development involves working out the details of the solution, such as what materials for construction are

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