Need an argumentative essay on Self reflection paper. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Similar to this is the devil effect, whereby a person evaluates another as low on many traits because of a belief that the individual is low on one trait which is assumed to be critical. This paper will give a self reflection of my life as a home nurse well as how my life has been changed as a result of different view of ethics.

One of the major experiences to an understanding of my life in the nursing profession is the impact of nature and nurture in our future judgment and interpretation of issues. Having worked for some time as a nurse, I have also freely interacted with old people, children and the sick. In this way, I have come to admire how the living condition during the early years of a child can determine his or her social life. For example, a child who is born in a loving, caring and protective family will always be respectful to others, hardworking and above all co-exist well with the environment. Whereas a child who is born in a violent family will become intolerative and harsh to divergent views, he or she will always want his word to be taken serious thus becoming a demigod (Fagothey, 2000). These children will never respect other people’s opinion thus they believe that violence is the solution. In my own personal life I have learnt that I have a good listening ability. This is attributed to the fact that I provide an ample opportunity to my patients so that they can inform me regarding their physical and mental situation. In this way, I have general information that I need to undertake my duties. One of the major ways that my experience will affect my work in the helping profession is that I will have the ability to intermingle with various people regardless of their cultural or economic background. Additionally, I will have ability to freely intermingle with other people thus by working as a team work I will be able to acquire skills possessed by other members of the team.

One of the major aspects I learnt from my own life

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