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Building A incorporates the administrative staff, Building B incorporates Academic Staff and Building C incorporates student’s network

Building ‘A’ houses administration staff. Amongst their responsibilities is the provision for storing and updating student information – such as personal details and course-related details.

They are currently working on an ancient 4Mbps Token ring network. They often complain about speed of the network. The Token Ring networks in each building are stand-alone – i.e. staff in each of the buildings cannot intercommunicate. There are approximately 15 members of admin staff in each building. Each Admin PC has a 4Mbps NIC installed. NIC “provides a hardware interface between a computer and a network. The term NIC most commonly refers to network adapter hardware in the form factor of an add-in card. These devices plug into the system bus of the PC and include jacks for network cables. NICs are usually Ethernet adapters, but some NICs support alternate physical layer protocols like ATM” (Network interface card.2007). The student database is held on a central server and is accessed via telnet, this is extremely slow and the software interface is dated. Staff has indicated that the method of access and interface needs to be updated.

The Academic Staff network is similar to the administration network in that it is again a token ring network that is not connected to the administrational network – or to staff networks of other buildings. There are approximately 30 members of academic staff in each building. Each member of the academic team has a 4Mbps Token Ring card installed. Staff has no requirements to access student information directly. this is normally done via the administration staff. They do however need to send documents to admin staff and also require access to common areas of storage with both admin staff and students.

Academic members of staff need to be able to publish course documentation on the World

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