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n FNP is an educated professional possessing a Masters Degree in Nursing and credentials as per the state board of nursing or national certification offered by several agencies i.e. American Academy of Nurse Practitioners. From this education, the FNP provides ample medical care to children and adults. Depending on the setting, the degree of independence for an FNP varies. This means that an FNP at times may work together with a physician and at other times completely independent of a physician. According to Poghosyan et al., (2013) independent advanced nurses produce impeccable results in the workforce, promoting ideal practice and services (p. 325-334). The role and other medical duties of the FNP range as per the state of the licensure. Below are the roles of an FNP as discussed by Poghosyan et al., (2013). Hansen-Turton et al., (2009). Jones et al., (2011)

The nurse practitioner provides direct health care services. An FNP gets health histories of patients as well as performs the necessary physical examinations. Moreover, this health practitioner also performs functional, development, and psychosocial assessment. The FNP has the capability of interpreting any medical situation. An FNP also has the role of performing minor surgery or procedure for any age group. These duties outline the role of health promotion, disease prevention, health protection, and treatment (Hansen-Turton et al., 2009).

An FNP’s duty is to diagnose and develop a management plan for chronic such as HTN, diabetes, asthma and acute conditions such as cardiac diseases and neuromuscular conditions as well as monitor the patient’s response (Poghosyan et al., 2013). An FNP has the power to order and interpret any diagnostic study, and come up with a therapeutic plan. This is inclusive of prescribing medications as per the given case study. However, the prescription of medication is dependent as per state regulation.

An FNP ought to handle situations well in the achievement of improved

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