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GMOs are unhealthy to human’s health because they are composed of toxic substances. This is so because when they are consumed, they leave behind substances that have long term effects on human health. For instance, genes added into GM soy can shift into the deoxyribonucleic acid of bacteria existing in us.

This is proved when a GM com was detected in the blood of a pregnant woman and her unborn baby. Therefore, doctors are then urged doctors to give prescription of a non-Genetically Modified diets for all that are affected (Smith and Jeffrey, 2007.

Numerous health problems have also increased after GMOs were brought in. The percentage of persons with more chronic illnesses jumped from 8% to 14% in just ten years. There has been a rise in food allergies, disorders like autism, reproductive disorders, and digestive problems. Though there is no enough research to affirm that Genetically Modified foods are a adding element, doctors groups have alerted people not to wait but to start protecting ourselves and more so our children who are at a much risk.

GMOS also create allergy that affects boys and adults. This causes allergic reactions in humans that usually occur when a nontoxic protein gets into the body and causes an immune response. Whenever the new protein in a Genetically Modified food gets from a host that is known to bring allergies in humans or one that has never been taken in as human food, the certain that the protein could evoke an immune response in human being increases. Though no allergic reactions to Genetically Modified food by users have been affirmed, in vitro prove indicating that some GM results could bring an allergic reaction has prompted biotechnology parties to cease their exploitation.

Getting a GM food into the market is a hectic and costly process. This means most companies run at a loss is they do not carefully take this into account. This may result in other negative effects such as unemployment to many

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