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During the workshop, all participants would bring their own experiences and would learn wider experiences and lessons from others. The workshop objectives were outlined:

Dr. Werner presented an article about systematic competitiveness done by the scientists of a German Development Institute explaining that industrial competitiveness does not result from a stable macro-economic framework or of entrepreneurship in the micro-level.

It is rather the dynamic interaction between state, enterprises and intermediate institutions and the capacity of the society to organise itself. Our nation if it wants to develop competitiveness in this way has to adopt new policies that will reduce costs and increase revenues.

It was clearly shown that the macro level has to secure stable conditions which guarantee the functioning of the market. This is to be done through prioritising the budget and fiscal policy in maintaining a stable monetary value and a governable budget deficit in the country. However, it was shown that the developing countries have been unable to hit this measure. The trade policy under this macro level was said to have promoted active integration either by general or selective liberalization of imports.

The ability of our markets to avoid exchange rates with an anti-export bias was viewed as the tool that facilitated the creation of macro-level conditions thereby increasing industrial exports. Under the micro-level it was founded that the enterprises must manage their technology and organisational structures and innovations. Continuous products and process innovation was said to be as a result of efficient management technology. However, we were taken through a study of the Japan industry which had been done by one of the researchers present had proved the opposite.

A new concept was therefore developed which provided that industrial production shall be streamlined in a three-propositional

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