Write 6 page essay on the topic Why Did Eastern Europe Fall Under Communist Rule In The First Place.

om potential capitalist oppression, providing assistance to the flourishing communist parties in central Europe and ensuring dictatorship of the proletariat in the conquered nations. In fact, most of the East European nations were willing to be part of the communist regime as they sought better security,

protection and peace under the Soviet Union. This paper seeks to explore the various reasons and favourable conditions that contributed to Communist rule in Eastern Europe.

Many of the Eastern European nations that suffered under Nazi occupation saw communism “as the best safeguard against the possibility of a revival of fascism in the future”. besides, “many of the Eastern European countries were liberated from Nazi Germany by the Russians” and “countries like Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary were in extreme financial hardship and communist policies would definitely have been attractive to them” (Communism after 1945: Background 2010). Similarly, many of the Eastern European countries expected a stable government under the Soviet governance which would make them powerful economically and politically. In the same way the Soviet forces were successful in developing a popular sentiment for socialism and communism (which was brought out by the demolition of Nazi and Fascist forces) in East Germany, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Romania and Poland and they were immensely assisted by socialist movements such as the Socialist Unity Party of Germany, the Hungarian Working Peoples Party, the Romanian Workers Party and the Polish United Workers Party in these countries. Brown (2010), in this respect, states that the Eastern European nations might have been attracted by the six essential defining characteristics that governed communism: “its political organisation: the monopoly of power of a Communist party and rigid discipline and strict hierarchy within that party”, “its centralised, command economy (with prices and output targets fixed

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