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ive application of cross cultural teams can offer a source of experience and inventive thinking that enhances the competitive position of the organization. Nonetheless, cultural disparities are can impede with the successful completion of projects in present multicultural, global business society. To attain project objectives and avoid cultural misapprehensions,

project managers should be culturally sensitive and support creativity and motivation through flexible headship. They should also apply the famous and accepted cross cultural management theories for the benefit of the company and society. Theories tackle connections between populace, motivational direction, orientation toward threat, definition of oneself and others, outlooks to time, and attitudes to the atmosphere. Motivation and training of multicultural projects groups and appropriate inferences for project management is an integral in business success. Cultural differences in business management affect people as it affects the relationships between people. Two main, distinct cultural dissimilarities can be identified concerned this relationship. It leads to egoism and collectivism approaches, which further develops universalism versus particularism as well as individualism and communitarians. Managers also apply motivational orientation whereby society’s means to deal with intrinsic vagueness of living. In this aspect, masculinity and femininity, uncertainty averting, and control distance are issues to consider. Another aspect to consider is outlooks toward time between long-term and short-term courses, which are either inner or outer time. For instance, Unilever applies cultural differences approaches at it operates in over hundred countries with different cultures. The case study of Unilever is an inspiration to corporations that fancy thriving in the fast-moving economy. Unilever has long considered adaptation a chief factor of success in the consumer goods sector globally, mostly in the

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