Hi, need to submit a 500 words essay on the topic Kohlberg’s Moral Development.

The first stage of moral development focuses on reward and punishment. Children and some older individuals take rules and follow them to the letter. Children follow rules and regulation as stipulated by the society, to avoid punishment that will be imposed to them by parents and the local authority. At this stage, those who obey rules are praised while the lawbreakers are punished.

The second stage of moral development is the individualism and exchange, which holds the view that individuals only follow moral beliefs that are in line with their personal interests. In this case, the personal interests come first then morality. One can only act according to set standards if he is benefitting from the actions. There is a direct exchange between personal attainments and the following of rules and set standards (Kohlberg, 1981).

The third stage of moral development is interpersonal relationship. This stage focuses on conforming to the society expectation and playing its role. Every individual is supposed to be nice and act in a fair way to others in the society. This stage call for sacrifice of one’s interest for the sake of others for peaceful coexistence among the society members.

The fourth stage of moral development focuses on society has whole individuals follows all the rules imposed to them. All the members of society follow rules not because they fear punishment but to maintain peace and avoid conflict with the authority. People do their duty in accordance with the stipulated rules imposed by those in authority.

The fifth of moral development is social agreement and rights to individuals. Members of a society consider what others beliefs rather than the law itself. Different person’s opinion matters in decision-making and policy formulation of a society. The law aims at maintaining peace, harmony and regulating individual’s behaviour.

The universal principle is the last stage, which is based on justice. The final stage focuses on

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