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The wife would rest her hand on her husband’s shoulder when she wanted him to stop so they could go inside a store. The husband would always let his wife enter a store first before him. Either of them would shake their head if they did not like the other’s suggestion. The non-verbal signals did not appear to make the interaction between the two of them difficult even without words.

4. Their non-verbal communication made it easy for me to think they are married. I think couples who are married are always close to each other. Couples who are not married do not just hold hands. They have their arms around each other’s waist or on each other’s shoulders. This is why I formed this impression about them very fast.

1. The next interaction I observed was in the grocery store. It was also noisy at this place. There were noises coming from the cash register, public announcement system, music and grocers. I see a lot of families today. It is a Sunday. I chose a family of three. The father was carrying a baby and pushing a grocery cart. The mother was holding a pen and checking off of a list. I heard the baby crying so I chose them to observe.

2. There were many signals for non-verbal communication I saw. The baby was crying and the father was moving the baby up and down his arm. I think this was his way to make the baby quiet. The baby did not stop. The mother was frowning. She got a pacifier from the baby bag and gave it to the father. I watched the father’s mouth form the word “Sshh”. I think the noise of the mall made the baby uncomfortable. The behavior of the baby affected the mother. She started choosing things faster.

3. The interaction was informal. I decided this because the woman and man stood close to each other. Also, the woman touched the man’s hand or shoulder many times. She passed grocery things to him quietly and he put them in the cart. They looked very comfortable with each other.

4. I quickly

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