Hi, need to submit a 750 words essay on the topic Presuade Your Employer You Deserve A Raise.

I believe that I have been exceptional in all that time that I have served the organization till now. I know that I have not given a full year to the organization but whatever, I have given is worth praise.

There are people who work to earn a living. There are those who work to keep themselves occupied.

There are also those who work to achieve a sense of fulfillment and those who work for a multiple combinations of the three reasons mentioned above. I work because I am passionate about what I do. It is not surprising then, to see that in a short span of a little under a year, I have achieved more than what you could have expected and have delivered on all fronts. When I joined the organization, I was completely new to the concept of the retail industry. However, in a small amount of time, I have achieved what was not possible for other people. I was given a higher position keeping the fact aside that I was not an experienced person. I appreciate the step taken by the organization in terms of my upgrade. However, I was also looking towards a raise in my pay.

I do not think you can deny the fact that the consumer appliances segment of our store has been extremely well organized and my peers appreciate my contribution to the changes that I had suggested – and which have been implemented – in the way we track our inventory. I think the suggestions were a function of the time I had spent at the store and also my ability to innovate. Using the new inventory tracking process, our suppliers can be requested for replenishing the stock before a particular item gets completely depleted. You might like to believe that inventory management is not a central issue for a retail store, but I would request you to walk down to any of the other consumer electronics stores across the mall. You would observe two things:

Another critical factor that I would like to draw your attention to is that I have developed my own set of regular clientele

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