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Chicken pox can be spread easily through sneezing or coughing, even rapidly. Furthermore, any direct contact with the secretions of the blisters will spread the chicken pox from one person to another. An individual who is infected is contagious and infectious two days before the rash appears or any sign of chicken pox appears.

This continues for about four to five days. “Varicella has an incubation period of between 10 and 21 days – i.e. the rash will appear from 10 to 21 days after the virus has infected the patient.” (Medical News Today, 2014)

There is no way of reducing the length of time a child has chicken pox, only making the symptoms more bearable. A vaccine against chicken pox is used as part of the normal vaccination program. “They are mainly caused by the varicella virus which is either caused by the direct contact with blisters or through sneezing and coughing.” (Gosh.nhs.uk, 2014)

Every individual usually catches chicken pox once in a lifetime. As it is one of the most communicable diseases, mostly children catch chicken pox sooner or later in their lives. Mainly everyone near the infected individual is at risk if they have not gone through this disease before. It is not possible to alter the time-period for which a child has chicken pox. “However, in most cases there is no need to keep the child away from nursery or school if they have been in contact with chicken pox but not caught the illness.” (Webmd.com, 2014)

It is not possible to alter the time-period for which a child has chicken pox. Vaccinations, however, are used as part of the general program. If a child has fever, it should be brought down using paracetamol as it is effective from the start. This is done because when a child has chicken pox, he must be kept cool and in a normal temperature. Heat and sweating makes itching worse, hence the condition of child gets worse.

A child suffering from this disease should be

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