Complete 10 page APA formatted essay: Enterprise business continuity and disaster recovery plan.

Disasters which shut down the mission of the company crucial applications for any given period of time have bad indirect and direct costs to the company and its performance make Mematech come up with a disaster recovery and business continuity plan essentials. The company’s Chief Information Offer will have an obligation in ensuring that the company’s continuing in that position of emergency. It is therefore, appropriate that the company comes up with steps to prepare before, during, and after the crisis takes place.

These planning offers framework of interim mechanism to recover the services of IT after the system has been disrupted. Some of the interim measures that the company will take include. IT system and operations relocation, to an alternative site, and the recovery of functions connected to IT using alternative machines and equipment, executive agreement with entities that are outsourced. This is because Mematech have vulnerable system to various disruptions that range from the minor outages to severe disruptions that involve destruction of equipments from various sources like natural disasters or even terrorist actions. While various vulnerable may be reduces or removed through operational solutions, management solutions, and technical solutions as part of the company’s risk management effort. It is quite impossible to eliminate the risks completely. In various scenarios, crucial resources may dwell outside the company’s control like electric power or even telecommunication). (Fong, 2001).

The company might be unable to ensure that it is available. Therefore, effective and efficient recovery testing, planning, and execution are important to mitigate the system risks and unavailability of services. Accordingly, for the disaster recovery to be successful the Information officer of Mematech will ensure that the critical employee must comprehends the information technology disaster recovery and business continuity planning

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