Write 2 page essay on the topic The professional nurse.

ing are responsible for taking strategic decisions about the practice of nursing and they have to develop new practices in the light of new research findings (May & Veitch, 1998). The officials of Board are also blessed with the authority of hold trails against unethical and deficient practices. However, Professional Nursing Organization has to train new recruits according to changing needs and requirements of the field which are passed by the Board of Nursing and other organizations like it (Functional Differences in PNO and Board of Nursing). Secondly, conditions imposed by Ethical Code of Nursing works in order to generally benefit the staff but it limits me from showing too much compassion towards patients because they may seek intimate relations (Williams, 2001). However, in some cases, I literally know that I can do more but I have to refrain myself from overindulgence. Thirdly, Ethical Code helps me in terms of saving my character from staining and I am trained to circumvent sexual advances of patients by limiting my services to fulfillment of minimal professional duties.

Nurses are there to help the ill irrespective of their race, gender and economic situation and they have to show compassion to an acceptable degree as well (Read, Adiibokah, & Nyame, 2009). On the other hand, they are supposed to work in order to improve the quality of life of the patients by keeping them in a lively environment and they should encourage them to spend their time in healthy activities. Need Theory had influenced my pattern of work and I have been an optimistic person in the direction of my work in early days. However, as I grew in my experience then, I became more and more convinced that I shall render minimal medical aid to sick and encourage them to take charge of their recovery process (Sullivan, Menapace, & White, 2001). Human Caring Theory in my personal view is conveying one and the same thing as Need Theory because we cannot make one well if he or she is not hopeful

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