Write 2 page essay on the topic Macbeth Drama Review.

bid to prevent his children from succeeding the throne of Scotland furthermore in Act 1 scene 7,lady Macbeth also taunt Macbeth to screw his ambition and courage to the sticking place after he had reflected on what he needs to attain his ambition, it highlights the destruction when ambition goes unchecked by moral constraints.

Macbeth is courageous man, who is not inclined to his evils deeds besides Lady Macbeth pursue her goal and further spur Macbeth to kill Duncan and to be strong in the murder aftermath, an ambition that focuses on the quest for power (Potter 185-190)

There is linkage between cruelty and masculinity, that is seen when lady Macbeth manipulate Macbeth, wishes herself unsexed and question her husband manhood, further she agrees with Macbeth when he said woman should only give birth to boys finally Macbeth provokes the murderers by questioning their manhood. (Potter190-198)

The drama depicts and reflects a tragedy of moral disorders, that reveals disastrous reputations on Macbeths ambition which are not only limited to him. it sees Scotland as a nation full of shakings by inversions of natural orders, just to mention a few is sleep, Macbeth announces that he has ” murdered sleep ” moreover androgyny as a theme is seen as an aspect of disastrous disorders

Witchcraft and evil are seen in the play on numerous occasions :chaos, darkness and conflict represent that three witches in the play and their being conveys treason. Witches were taken worse as compared to evils in the play. In the 1st act, the witch line” Fair is foul and foul is fairest the tone for the entire play, the play is full of occasions where evil is taken to be good and good rendered evil, the line” double, double toil and trouble,” is an intention of the witch that they only seek trouble for the mortals surrounding them (Dunning 58).

The play was written by William Shakespeare, following the status quo of Scotland, during the period of Scotland war with whales, it clearly

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