Write a 4 page essay on Response essay of Black Rain and Confessions of a Mask.

f a Mask” that had been written in 1949 to elucidate to us about young man named Kochan who was suffering from erotic fantasies of men, violence and beauty. Yukio illuminates that Kochan had been raised during Japan’s epoch of Imperialism and right-wing aggressiveness and this made him to struggles from a very early age to fit into society. For that reason, Yukio have used his main character Kochan to describe us how socially determined masculinity roles are well-defined by male-controlled culture. The novel portrays the demonization by society of Kochan, who scars himself emotionally and physically by retreating into a mask of heterosexuality. Subsequently, Ibuse uses his book “Black Rain” written in 1966 to elucidate to us about the life of young girl named Yasuko. Ibuse uses his novel to help us to apprehend that Yasuko hoped to be married after the war, but her health is in question due to radiation she was exposed to. Shigematsu Shizuma is the main narrator and niece to Yasuko is regretting for having asked her to come to Hiroshima as this has cause his nieces problem. Therefore, this had made Shizuma to compile all accounts related to the Hiroshima bombing in order to be able to convince the family and the man who will show some interest in marrying Yasuko. Therefore, this paper shall candidly examine the ways in which Ibuse and Mishima portrays the soreness of isolation that Yasuko and Kochan experiences in the society.

Both Ibuse and Mishima have used their main character Yasuko and Kochan to designate how they have struggled passionately to fit into Japanese society. Due to their weaknesses, that has been caused by the bombing of Hiroshima, Yasuko and Kochan had faced more challenges that made them feel isolated by the society. For instance, Mishima depicts that Kochan had grown up in war-time and this background has affected everything he does. Kochan, as he grew up, began to recognize that he is quitter different from the other boys at his

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