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car crashing in the start of the movie while she was driving to get her son from the center, I was eagerly looking forward to what kind of a woman she was. However, unfortunately but yet interestingly, I found out how gruff she was when I listened to her “hello” over the phone call in the car crash scene. She was very non-sexy yet elegant in her own style. Moreover, when she was in the center where she had to take the custody of her son Steve, she was in conversation with the governess or the headmistress whosoever she was. That woman was a normal looking, kind lady. Die also got into harsh conversation with her. I can tell that because she was not talking nicely with her, and her body language showed how irritated she was.

However, when she received her son and the two were walking down the street, Die kissed him on the cheek and forehead which showed that she had that kind of a heart that is stereotype of a loving mother. Die showed her fondness toward her son through these gestures no matter how harsh she herself was. Later on, I saw her with her son resting his head on her lap. This was very interesting for me, and I could see a totally different woman inside the embodiment of a strong and sturdy man-ish character. This different woman was a bit kind, gentle, loving and affectionate. Die smiled at that point like a normal, fragile lady. She talked to her son like a good communicative mother. This shows that man is a versatile creature who can act and react in a myriad of ways, depending upon his moods and the circumstances. For me, Die is a strange and creepy character because I am not able to figure out properly in which category of human nature I should fit her in. She is harsh but gentle, non-sexy but fragile, all at the same time.

Hence, the mother and her son walking toward their home was the most interesting sequence for me as it helped me reveal different aspects of Die’s nature as a human being and as a mother. Although the whole movie was

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