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As an aboriginal, Campbell was born at a time when the native populations were still struggling to live in the highly diversified Canadian society. At the same time, it was a period when women had no place in the society (Mandel, 2005). However, as a focused person, Campbell beat all the odds to accomplish her goals in life.

The issue is that she was did not sit back and watch. Instead, after struggling to pursue her education, she dedicated her life to serving the people. She was really concerned about the plights of her people that she did her best to resolve using her writing, filming, broadcasting and advocacy talents. Surely, Campbell must have been so passionate about her people.

As already highlighted, Campbell qualifies to be my change maker mainly because of the numerous achievements that she made in the society. The first major achievement was to become a renowned playwright. This was proven when she published a lot of books that later received the approval of the society and become so popular not only in Canada, but also in other countries like France, Italy, Germany, China and USA in which her publications were translated into a number of foreign and local languages. Her other achievement is that she inspired her people when she became the very first film maker in the history of the Aboriginals. This is something that no woman could think of doing during then (Johnston, 2009). Later, she made other achievements when she joined activism to advocate for the rights of the Aboriginals ands the women folk. These are very great achievements that made Campbell to inspire a lot of people who not only admired, but also considered her as a change maker.

With all these achievements, Campbell has had a rich legacy. The first legacy for which she will be remembered is that she was the first Aboriginal woman to found and establish an active and fully functioning production company in Canada. This was evidenced when she established

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