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A self-governing public power with the name of Commonwealth Health Insurance Connector was established by Romneycare. The role of this connector is to offer private plans of insurance to the residents of Massachusetts. Failing to acquire the insurance coverage subjects the residents to the implication of tax penalties.

Tax filers on Massachusetts that could not manage to get enrolled in the plan of health insurance that they could easily afford got deprived of the personal exemption worth $219 upon the income tax. Since 2008, there has been an increase in penalties by increments on monthly basis. This was done in order to make the residents more serious about the implication of penalties and alter their behavior for the better.

Before the enactment of Romneycare, number of the uninsured residents of Massachusetts that were qualified for a state or federal health program but were not enrolled anywhere because of indifference, ignorance, or some other reason was between 372000 and 618000. Once Romneycare was enacted, 219000 residents of Massachusetts that were uninsured before acquired the insurance (Tanner). Although the uninsured rate in Massachusetts has lowered up to only 3 per cent, yet 69 per cent people who acquired insurance since the year 2006 happened to obtain the coverage which to much an extent is subsidized by the taxpayers. The plan has actually worked not in accordance with Romney’s requirement of having each and every individual pay to acquire the insurance coverage. As per the notes taken in a report prepared by the Massachusetts Health Connector in February, 2010, Percentage of the 408000 residents of Massachusetts that have acquired the insurance recently and yet pay nothing is significantly above 50 (Turner). Number of people that remained uninsured till the end of year 2008 was about 140000. They were either subjected to penalty or the state considered them too poor to afford the premiums, thus excusing from

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