Hi, need to submit a 500 words essay on the topic Employee retention/motivation.

The employees therefore, have not got themselves aligned with the goals of the fast food company that they are working for. Thus lack of motivation and attractions of a better opportunity would not take them much to leave. From the organizational perspective, this could be a concern of loosing trained employees for which the need of employee retention would arise.

The fast food entity would need to bear the cost of employee retention. The cost would be incurred in order to motivate them and make them proud of the job that they are doing. The employees could be shown the career path available in the organization and the comparative advantages of their current job as compared to the opportunities available in the market. The company could also look to provide salary and allowances that are best as per the industry standards and also provide attractive incentives. The benefits of being involved in a good work culture and the importance of learning from the work experience should be conveyed to the employees through proper training (McCooey, 2009, p.24). The expenses of all these activities sum up to form the total cost of employee retention.

The employee retention methodologies are implemented over a period of time by using the resources available with the company. The changes in the mindset of the employees could be brought about by the co-ordination of its resources. The various resources that could contribute to the cause of employee retention are the senior manpower resources of the company who could guide the junior employees of the relative benefits in their course of daily work. The monetary resources are also spent in conducting trainings and seminars in order to channelize the energy of the youth in a proper direction for the organizational cause.

The measures of employee retention are important as the organization never wants to loose its trained staffs as they have been carrying out the work efficiently. These staffs have

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