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The country depicts human resource weaknesses in the health, education, and adult literacy sectors. The country has the right atmosphere of establishing measures that would help it to catch up with the developed nations in terms of education, technology, economic development, and adult literacy. As such, I present a project that will ensure that every student joining a public college accesses a laptop with a view of updating the technology of the nation.

The project dubbed “One Laptop one Student Campaign” will seek to bridge the digital gap between Kenya and the developed countries. This will enhance technological development in Kenya. After doing a pilot project on the country, the project will aim at providing a reliable, low power, and cost effective laptops to all students in public colleges free of charge. Just like the “One laptop per child” project (Beaumont 2010, p. 1), the “One Laptop one Student Campaign” will adopt the principle that giving computers to students will consequently enhance educational progress in Kenya. The project will require the support of sponsors, the government, academicians, parents, and students. In ensuring the sustainability of the project, I will address myself to electricity shortages, cultural restrictions, low internet network, adequate equipment, and training, usability, and government restrictions. Ultimately, I will consider the merits and demerits of the project and its probable impact on the education sector. This will determine the sustainability of the project.

It is arguably true that in developing countries like Kenya, public college students belong to the low economic class compared to the private college students who belong to the wealth class where they can easily access laptops. The “One Laptop one Student Campaign” seeks to ensure the availability of laptops at home and in school for all students entering college education. The implementation of this project will

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