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public feelings against Spain (Gary and Murrin 14). In defense of his country, the Spanish diplomat in Washington continued to express blatant indifference and open contempt towards the American government under President McKinley.

Apparently, the military campaigns used by the Spanish administration in quenching Cuban guerrilla insurgency invariably captured attention of many American sympathizers. Particularly, the use of concentration camps against Cuban rural populations, which resulted in massive deaths from diseases and starvation, upset the American public. More so, the forcible incarceration of Cuban citizens by Spanish military rulers led to massive loss of American investments, and political powers within the Western Hemisphere (Gary and Murrin 19). The tolerable boundaries of outrage and indifference harbored by Americans towards Spanish occupation in South America broke down when a U.S. battleship Maine, which had 260 crew members, was allegedly sunk by Spanish belligerents on 15th February, 1989. In combination with the previously growing hatred and intolerance towards Spanish administration in South American nations like Cuba, the sunken ship aroused immense war sentiments across the United States population, forcing President McKinley to declare war against Spain on 25th April, 1898.

With respect to the United States political history, the Progressive Era of between 1890s to the 1920s saw increasing influence by the American government in both domestic and foreign policies. In fact, the increasing progressive activism in the United States led to the Spanish-American war of 1898. Apparently, progressive political leaders were reform-minded champions of a just and rational society. Prior to the Progressive Era, the United States government and other global powers like Britain and Spain were fond of using military machinery

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