Write a 6 page essay on Paris Peace Conference 1919.

The mission to restore peace was proclaimed by President Wilson. All the documents present the authors’ quest for peace. This is portrayed with carefully chosen words that are used and the effect that these words have on the delegates that attended the conference. The Paris Peace Conference recorded an attendance of 27 countries with high-ranking representatives and aids who devised a Peace Treaty.

The central power leaders who attended the conference included Prime Minister David Lloyd George of Great Britain, George Clemenceau of France, Italian Prime Minister Vittorio Orlando, and President Woodrow Wilson of the United States.

During the Peace Conference, two themes were highly critical. The first theme was that each victorious ally from Europe had betrayed the diplomacy of the then president Wilson. Therefore, in so doing, they had deprived the post war international order of its moral justification1. The second theme was the Carthaginian settlement in which all the winning nations had virtually dismantled the country of Germany of all its economic and military power.

Therefore, the main theme was that of restoring peace to the war torn nations while the secondary themes were of diplomacy and the Carthaginian settlement. These three themes each stand for itself and the three cannot be united as one theme.

Key points of the speeches by the presidents of the four nations are evident. The then President of the United States, President Wilson, promised Poland free and secure access to the Baltic Sea. Wilson balanced antithetical considerations with his self-determination and patience2.

France attended the conference with the aim of acquiring backup and security from the Germans. Therefore, the only way of achieving their goal was to ensure the Americans and the British take over. However, this was only possible if the two countries could give Germany such a punch that Germany could never rise again3.

The Peace Conference Treaty which was

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