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Airports serve as gateways for people to reach different places. Thousands of people go to the airport and work for the airport everyday that is why it is a must that airports are secured and safe. Airports are one of the places which practice heavy security inspection (FWAO, 2006).

Every area of the airport has security inspections.

Upon entrance, most airports will already have metal detectors and x-ray scanners for the baggage. Recent development in technology enables airport security to have a human scan similar to an x-ray baggage scan wherein all metals and explosives can be detected (TSA, 2008). Some of these scanners are the backscatter x-ray and Compton x-ray. After being thoroughly inspected, the airport passengers check-in their baggage. After checking in the baggage, passengers again undergo a more rigid inspection. Body search and metal detectors are again used (Airsafe). This is the last security inspection before leaving the airport.

In the US, fingerprinting is now being practiced. They also use smartcard readers. Smartcard technology is an additional security device used in US airports to ensure all the passengers have a record in the system (FWAO, 2006). Together with the fingerprinting, they can name all the passengers and in case of attacks, they can trace the culprits using the finger prints. Aside from these security checkpoints, most airports are equipped with closed-circuit television (CCTV). These are being monitored all day round.

Airport security personnel are very diverse. Some of the most common security personnel are the airport police, some local or area police, military men, police dogs and bomb specialists, and airport security. Aside from these security personnel, airports have immigration officers who check the identity of the entering passengers. All of these personnel work together ensuring the safety of the people inside the airport (Airsafe).

According to TSA (2008), different

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