Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Leadership in Health Care Organizations Practicum.

She was and she still is excellent and a compassionate leader not only to me but to everybody working in and out of the unit.

I am proud of my career today because the nurse manager welcomed me in the department with love and care. She ensured that I learnt different aspects of nursing slowly as I worked, dealing with both positive and negative issues at the workplace and gaining experience. She taught me how to handle my colleagues, the patients and managers at the hospital. She provided help not only as a professional but also as a mother because of the vast experience she had in nursing. She knew that an inexperienced and required help and leadership from a highly experienced nurse to ensure that I learn the necessary skill in nursing practice. She responded to this by taking the role of developing me professionally.

According to servant leadership, provision is an important element for leaders in the sense that they are supposed to provide direction to their subordinates. This is important because it enables employees to understand what the leader and the organization expects of them (DelHousaye & Brewer, 2004). This is beneficial both to the employees and to the organization. To provide direction, the leader has to tailor the work to fit the abilities and needs of the employees. On the other hand, provision under the secular leadership, provision must be directed towards the leaders rather than the subordinates. Leaders must be given motivation to lead the subordinates as opposed to provision in secular leadership (Baxter, 2011).

My leader provided me with direction when I needed it most. When I was employed at the unit, I was a new nurse with no experience and with a lack of confidence in my abilities. However, the leader tailored my work to fit into my abilities and the fact that I was inexperienced. For example, she gave me work that I could understand easily and gave me more complex responsibilities

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