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With the disguise behind greenwashing on the rise, it remains difficult to tell which hotels are sincerely green. This is why governments have established bodies to play the role of designing certification programs to determine the green-worthiness of companies. Therefore, potential clients should not give in to empty green jargons but seek to see the accreditation offered to the hotel or company concerned. Beyond accreditation, knowledgeable customers can still reach judgments by making personal observations on the general operations of a hotel.

Despite the greedy benefits achieved off greenwashing, a few hotels have been exemplary in their commitment to eco-friendliness. Behind it all, such eco-committed hotels are the ones that hold the upper hand in earning customer loyalty.

Green Washing or green sheen is a green marketing or green PR strategy used deceptively to promote products, policies, or aims of the organization as environmentally-friendly (Pierre, 2012). Proofs of greenwashing in an organization or a company are in spending. Organizations and companies that use greenwashing use more time and money advertising their concern for the environment than time spent on environmentally sound practices (Tresidder &amp. Hirst, 2012). There are different efforts aimed at greenwashing. A company or an organization can change the label. a name of a product to suggest natural environment on a product that is environmentally harmful (Middleton &amp. Clarke, 2001). A product may have toxic chemical but as a company or an organization use multimillion-dollar advertising to give it an environmentally-friendly image (Mulvaney, 2011).

This paper tries to argue that greenwashing is a tool used by hotels to attract more customers. It discusses the history of the green washing concept and gives the origin of the term greenwashing.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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