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I think this would impact my work because I am not sure how I would deal with a gay or lesbian couple coming to my offices who want to get married. I do not know how I would counsel them exactly because of what I have been taught. Bohan (1996) states that marriage is a part of “heterosexual privilege”.

She says when people are married they are able to have public support and acceptance of your marriage, paid leave when your spouse dies and you are grieving the loss, paid leave if you are having a crisis in your family or if the spouse is ill and immediate access to your spouse if they are in the hospital or something happens to them (p. 40). What I realize about this is that this seems to be what people need who love each other and perhaps it does not matter how that love is consummated, but it is only fair that gays and lesbians who love each other should have the same privileges that heterosexual couples have even if they do not call it “marriage.”

The way that I would address this challenge is to find out more information in this area. I would need to study more. In the area of marriage, there are many states that have already legalized marriage. In fact, Washington, D.C., is the most recent state that is in the process of legalizing gay marriage. I can see that I will need to understand this from a human interest level rather than from a personal level if I am to counsel this group.

Socioeconomic status. I do alright. My parents were middle class and worked most o their life. My mother is a teacher and my father is a chemist. I relate to all type of people, especially those who have little income. I want to help.

Because I come from a family that was Jewish we were taught traditional values. This has been both a blessing and a curse for me at times. I believe in the traditions and I feel they work to help us understand who we are better than some cultures. We also know what we are supposed to do according to the Torah.

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