Complete 8 page APA formatted essay: Religion.

The ultimate reality is the ultimate basis of every human problematic in every religion (Streng).

In Christianity, for example, the human problematic is death and eternal torment in hell, and the ultimate reality, which is the God in the Christian Bible provides the basis and explanation for the existence of this human problematic.

In the case of Christianity, death and eternal torment in hell is caused by sin, which has its roots in the original sin of Adam and Eve that led to the fall of man.

On the other hand, the ultimate dimension is the way of changing the human problematic. Every religion or religious movement, after identifying the cause, seeks to find a solution to the human problematic and employs a number of solutions like rituals, prayer, consumption of organic foods, and other things. Ultimate dimension is supposed to inspire someone to change his current situation or to find a solution to the human problematic.

2. Cultural dimension is the actions that someone takes as a group in order to reinforce the community and to increase church attendance as well as to consider marriage and funeral rites. Whatever is personal must always go harmoniously with culture. One aspect of cultural dimension is the historical conditions upon which a particular belief or system of belief evolved (Streng). For example, during the time of Jesus, the political scenario was turbulent because of the conquest of Israel by the Romans, and that the Jews were persecuted by the conquerors. This was the time when Jesus rose and led the people into defiance of Roman authority. The transformative power that was evident in his preaching was the result of the cultural dimension of belief, which means that there was shared religious intent among the Jews who opposed Roman rule. This sense of unity somehow turned into a system of faith and belief. During the time of Muhammad, he was in a cave in a religious retreat when the Angel Gabriel appeared to him in a dream, and

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