Create a 3 page essay paper that discusses Topic #2 Discuss the role of social medias influence (Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube) in the lives of children and young teens today.

Since the social media sites, such as Facebook or Tweeter, gained its significant popularity, much has been said about their potentially negative influence on people, and children and teens in particular as they are the most vulnerable. In this context, among the most disturbing has been the new phenomenon – cyberbullying, which is maintained online. According to the American Humane Association, approximately 42 percent of young Americans are bulled via Internet, but the overall amount of children and teenagers involved in bullying as either perpetrators or bystanders is much greater. (“American Humane Association”) Obviously, the following negative experience can lead to the variety of adverse outcomes, such as depression, poor self-esteem, isolation, anxieties, sleep disorders, and even suicidal thoughts.

Moreover, it was revealed that social media often plays a role in the development of narcissism among the young individuals. At present, communication via social media comprises of much more than texting and writing messages to a friend. In fact, a great amount of time online is spent on sharing photos, postings, and updates of statuses which are centered on self-promotion and self-glorification. (Stenovec) In this regard, networking becomes a means of crafting personal image in a way that would be appealing to others. The following can result in the growing ego-centrism, inadequate value of personal opinion, and decreased empathy. In addition, a fake image of self can make one confused about personal identity and lead to inappropriate self-perception.

Apart from negative effects, social media is also associated with the list of positive influences of children and teenagers. Among the most crucial can be mentioned the rise of cultural and political awareness, which results from the fact of being constantly surrounded by various

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