Write 4 page essay on the topic The History of the Blue Hen Chicken.

Ben Botkin (1938) stated, every group bound together or by common interests and purposes, whether educated or uneducated, rural or urban, possesses a body of traditions which may be called its folklore. Into these traditions enter many elements, individuals, popular, and even “literary,” but all are absorbed and assimilated through repetition and variation into a pattern which has value and continuity for the group as a whole.

(New York Folklore Society, 2009)

Knowledge, information, inspirations and traditions are transferred to people through sharing and informal exchange of ideas and stories. Folklores symbolize the identity and meaning of a certain culture and the past exchange of such information. Delmarva has got rich culture and past giving rise to numerous folklores and legends.

Delmarva is a large peninsula located on the East Coast of United States of America. It is occupied by Delaware and portions of Virginia and Maryland. Delaware is divided into three counties. New Castle in north, Sussex in south and Kent in center of Delaware.

General Assembly of Delaware officially adopted “Blue Hen Chicken” as state bird on 14th April 1939.Historical events of Delaware are associated with blue hen chicken during Revolutionary War which gave them an edge over other esthetically beautiful birds, for example, scarlet Cardinal. Before its adoption as state bird, it was unofficially used as a symbol in campaigning for political reasons. Now, the University of Delaware mascot is modeled after this bird and also recognized as YoUDee.

The state bird, Blue hen, is a breed of rooster with blue feathers. However, only about half of the chickens have blue feathers, others may have black or white. It is a local and not very recognized breed as it goes back to the pioneers of Delaware. University of Delaware arranges organized breeding for them and has for its mascot the Fighting Blue Hens (Howard, 2007).

In some cases, it is

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