Write 3 page essay on the topic Literature of the african diaspora.

The story is narrated in the form of dialogues between the husband Ocol and his wife Lawino. The poem is categorized in different sections. Each section offers details of the social problem faced by the husband and wife, in the marriage hood along with their values and differences.

Whereas the novel God’s Bits Of Woods by the author offers a strong description of the railway strike. T

hat happened in the year of 1947-1948 in the region of French West Africa. It includes disputes of emotional, political and moral nature. Eventually, this novel by Sembene is one of entitlement. It fetches to illumination the anxiety between Africa community and colonial officials. It also shows the struggle of railway men and the efforts of the African community to set themselves free from the power of colonial authority. The God’s Bit of Woods of Ousmane brings to light the scenario in which these adversities advance the workers with their families till the strike is eventually resolute. Debatably the most momentous conversion that takes place is in the function of women inside these societies.

There are problems in all the families of the world. These problems cannot be controlled by an individual. These problems may be related to the issues of health, death, job instability. The place of living or the some closer person can contribute to these problems. In the novel Brother, I’m Dying, which is written by the author Edwidge Danticat all these issues are highlighted. Throughout the novel, the factual time story of Edwidge Danticat is narrated and provides an insight at the efforts done by her family. In this the author has successfully his own experiences of life. The sufferings of her family and their efforts to overcome the issues of being.

Beside these issues the family also suffered from the multiple deaths in their home, the major illness of the guardian and uncle. In this story Edwidge is shown struggling in the absence of her parents

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