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I never had to use my health care until a recent illness, and I was shocked to discover how much an emergency room visit costs (even with benefits), and the itemization of the bill was ludircious. For instance, I was charged $38 for a magnesium pill—these can be bought at a drug store at 100 count for less than $10.

The doctor, whom I barely saw, charged me close to $900 for being in the hospital for around 4 hours. My bill would have been $8000 without insurance. luckily I had to pay only $2500, still a lot, but not too bad considering the original expense. I see now why so few people can afford this, and why the situation is getting out of control. I am therefore in full agreement of promoting a government-sponsoered health care program to help cut back medical costs. What worries me most at this time is the fact that some of my very close friends do not have health insurance (and they have two 14 month old twin boys). If anything happened to them or the babies, since they are both without full time jobs (lost due to the economy), they would lose everything. This situation is terrible for many people, and to imagine two hardworking people losing their homes and having to find a way to take care of their babies without a house is a thought I would like to be able to put out of my mind, but I cannot due to the current situation.

This brings me now to my fear about the economy. Like my friends I mentioned, many people are unemployed and searching for work unsuccessfully. The true problem with this is the fact that jobs are not out there, and some states are hurting because of the economy. They are less and less able to provide unemployment. Of course, this will only make things worse for the economy. If these people are not able to get unemployment checks to survive, they will lose their homes and not have the money to spend on groceries or anything else to

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